Temple Run for PC, Download Temple Run Game for Computer (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista) : Temple Run, I think this name doesn’t need any introduction. It’s the best and the most popular endless running game which is available for free for almost every kind of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and all the other. I’m pretty much sure that you have already this app installed on your smartphone. What if you can play this game through your PC too? Amazed? Being the best mobile platform, Android offers many services to its users. Apart from this, you can play your favorite games on your Windows PC too. Yes, you can play this so very popular endless running game through your PC and you will learn how to play it on your PC from here. Following detailed tutorial will make you able to download Temple Run Game for Computer within just a few minutes. Excited? Here we go! 

Temple Run

Temple Run has got a series of games in which Temple Run is the very first game. There are various endless running game with so many innovative graphics and other eye catchy things, however, this Temple Run has its own fanclub to make its community even more larger. Before starting anything, take a look on to the following step by step installation guide of this Temple Run on your windows PC. Do follow each step wisely and get this game installed on your PC to play it right away.

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Temple Run : Simple Play-Up!

Being an endless runner game, you just need to focus on your screen well to play this game. Here you can have a set of different characters from which you need to select one to control by yourself. To control the chosen character, you just need to click on to the desired side from your mouse. Here, to play it better and to earn some more tremendous treasures you need to collect coins. In between your running path, you can see a lot of coins spinning out there. You need to take your character in front of them to collect. Simple? Yes, it’s very simple. Let’s see how can we get this game on our Windows PC.

How to download Temple Run Game for Computer?

As you might be well aware that, to run an Android app on your PC, you need to have a separate platform which allows you to create a whole new environment to play such favorite Android games. Bluestacks is one of them. Bluestacks is the most user friendly and most popular tool to do this work for you.

Step 1 :

First of all, you need to download Bluestacks on your Windows PC to play Temple Run Game on your PC. If you don’t know nothing about this, you can have all the details including its direct download link right from the below link. Download it now from the below link.

Download BlueStacks for your Windows PC 

Step 2 :

After downloading this tool, you need to install it. To install Bluestacks, simply open up the downloaded file and do follow all the given instructions. You will have this tool installed on your PC within a few minutes after following the given instructions.

Step 3 :

Now, you can see a separate logo on your desktop or you can start BlueStacks from your Computer’s start menu.

Temple Run 1

Step 4 :

Launch Bluestacks from your Windows PC to install Temple Run on it just by clicking on to its icon or like from your Start Menu.

Step 5 :

After launching it, you will have a separate screen on your desktop which looks like your Smartphone’s screen. Bluestacks serves a better user interface to get things done within users’ requirements.

Step 6 :

There, you can see a search box in which you just need to put Temple Run.

Temple Run 2

Step 7 :

After entering your words, you can see a whole list of suggestions from Bluestacks. There you can see your game at the very first position.

Temple Run 3

Step 8 :

Now, you just need to click on to Install option and you’re done! Temple Run game for Computer will automatically takes place for downloading.

Step 9 :

You can see downloading process including downloaded MBs and remaining MBs of this particular game.

Temple Run 4

Step 10 :

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Temple Run Game on your Windows PC. To play this game you just need to click on to the installed app menu from which you can pick this game to play it well through your PC.

This is just amazing which adds more fun to your busy and boring life. One who doesn’t have a smartphone he can play this most stunning game through his PC. Yes, there is no any requirements to play this game, anyone can play it without having a proper smartphone.


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