Facebook APK for Android– Latest Version : Everyone knows how popular Facebook is! The World’s social networking website with over 1 Billion monthly active visitors. Facebook is like an essential thing for every smartphone users as it has more than 40% smartphone users. Facebook app is available for free on almost all kinds of smartphone platforms. Yes, it’s available on Google Play Store. Facebook app can be downloaded for free from Play Store. If you want to install this app being offline you need to download its APK file. Download Facebook APK for Android from here and learn how to install it. A complete tutorial lies here!

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is a user friendly app which is loved by everyone. Everyone likes the way it provides its services and this is the only reason why Facebook for Android is one of the most downloaded app from Google Play Store. Facebook stands at the second position in the Alexa Rank world wide. Facebook APK lets you allow to install this app on any Android device from wherever and whenever you want to. It doesn’t require any Internet connectivity to get loaded on your Android smartphone. Facebook for Android carries numerous features. Following we have enlisted a few stunning features of this app, have a look!

Features of Facebook for Android

  • Simplest user interface for all kinds of users
  • User Friendly app for everyone that doesn’t require any special skills
  • Update your Fb status from anywhere within this app
  • Share photos, photo albums, locations, tag your friends and many more functions are here
  • Manage everything related to your main Facebook account from within this app
  • It allows you to let explore the Facebook Game Center too to play the games
  • Notifies you when you get any notifications from your friends

These were all the stunning yet very interesting features this app serves. For more, you can handle this app very fluently and it delivers a super smoother UI every time when you open the app. With its notification center, now no need to go anywhere. This app handles everything and will notify you at real time even if the app is being closed. Isn’t it amazing? Take your FB whenever and wherever you are with this app. It’s a must have app and all worth it. Catch how this app will look like on your Android device.

Snapshots of Facebook for Android





See the above picture. You can see a separate red notifications for each of your activities. Just tap on to it and it will show you all your notifications. Same just tap on to the upper left corner from where you can easily look your profile. I know that you are eagerly waiting to grab its APK file and hence you are here. Follow the below link to download its APK file.

Download Facebook APK for Android– Latest Version


To download Facebook APK for Android, all you need to do is just click on to the above Download button. In a few seconds downloading will be start automatically. It takes several minutes to complete the downloading process. After this, copy or transfer this APK file to your Android device’s memory. Go to your phone’s file manager folder and search for this APK file. Tap on to it and manually install this APK file to your Android device. Reboot your device once, you’re done! You can have a special icon of Facebook app on your main apps menu. Tap on to it and Facebook will Welcomes you. Enter your username and password and start exploring your own Social world with Facebook for Android.

What’s your thought on this? Have you ever used this app on any other devices? Share your experience with us. Meanwhile, if you have any questions feel free to do let us know by putting down your comments here in the comment box below this post.

Download for PC

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